Real-Time Data

We offer real-time data from two sources: exchange real-time data for NYSE/Nasdaq/TSX/LSE and BATS real-time data for NYSE/Nasdaq.

Exchange real-time data comes directly from the appropriate exchange. We consider data quotes from those exchanges to be the “official” quotes for each security, and they should be extremely close to real-time values found on other sources. In addition, exchange real-time data contains accurate volume data. We highlight exchange real-time data bars in green.

We currently offer exchange real-time data for the NYSE, Nasdaq, TSX, and LSE exchanges. There is an additional charge from the exchanges for their real-time data.

The BATS exchange provides BATS real-time data for no additional charge. BATS data is only available for US stocks. For liquid stocks, BATS data is similar to NYSE/Nasdaq data. For thinly traded stocks, BATS data can differ significantly. BATS data quotes don't contain useful volume information, so we do not display volume on BATS charts. We highlight BATS real-time data bars in yellow. Click here for more information about the BATS real-time data available on our site.

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