Creating ACP Charts

Creating a New Chart in StockChartsACP

New charts can be created from within StockChartsACP, or from other places on the StockCharts site.

Using the Symbol Box

From within ACP, change the ticker symbol on the current chart by typing a new ticker symbol in the “Symbol” box at the top of the page. A dropdown menu will suggest possible symbols. StockChartsACP uses the same data and same ticker symbol conventions as SharpCharts and other StockCharts charting tools. Press Enter to load a chart with your selected ticker symbol.

Using the Symbol Selection Menu

You can also use the Symbol Selection menu on the right side of the screen in ACP to find additional ticker symbols to chart. This menu provides access to your ChartLists, Scans, and Alerts and to symbols from our standard reports—Market Summary, SCTRs, Market Movers lists, Ticker Cloud, and more. Click on a symbol on any of these lists to launch a StockChartsACP chart for that symbol.

The ChartLists, Market Summary, and Market Movers panels can be configured so that when the price changes for a symbol on the panel, the background will briefly flash red or green (depending on whether the price went down or up). Please see the Configuring StockChartsACP section of this document for more detailed instructions.

Adding Multiple Charts with StockChartsACP Layouts

By default, only one chart is displayed in the StockChartsACP tool, but you can display up to 12 charts using StockChartsACP Layouts. This section provides a brief overview of this functionality, but please see our StockChartsACP Layouts article in the Support Center for more detailed instructions.

Additional charts can be added one at a time by clicking the “plus” icon at the top of the page. To add multiple charts at once, click the grid icon on the Chart Design menu, choose the total number of charts in the layout, then choose the arrangement of the charts.

To change the symbol on one of the charts in your StockChartsACP Layout, click on the chart. The selected chart will have a green border around the edge of the chart. Then change the symbol as usual. In the example below, the CSCO chart on the right is selected.

If you have more than one chart in your layout that has the same ticker symbol, Sync Mode allows you to change the symbol for all those charts at once. By default, Sync Mode is disabled and each chart's symbol is updated independently. To turn on Sync Mode, click the Checkerboard icon at the top of the screen or check the Symbol checkbox on the Layouts tab.

Note: Only StockCharts members can add chart panels in StockChartsACP. Free users will be limited to a single-chart layout.

From Elsewhere on the StockCharts Site

There are also many ways to create an ACP chart from outside of StockChartsACP. You can:

  • Use the “Create a Chart” bar at the top of any of our web pages. First, change the dropdown from “SharpChart” to “ACP”, then enter the ticker symbol you wish to chart and press the “Go” button.

  • Click on the “ACP” link at the bottom of the SharpCharts Workbench.

  • Click on the “ACP” icon, which is located on most of our report pages, including the Market Summary, Sector Summary, and more.

  • Click on “Charts & Tools” at the top of any page, then enter a ticker symbol into the “StockChartsACP” section of that page.

Any of these actions will load a chart for the ticker symbol in StockChartsACP.

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