DecisionPoint Chart Gallery

The DecisionPoint Chart Gallery contains a collection of charts that help you determine the state of the current market. The charts contain many important market momentum, trend and sentiment indicators which can be used to better understand where the market may be headed next.

The DecisionPoint Chart Gallery is based on charts originally developed by Carl Swenlin and Erin Swenlin for their DecisionPoint market timing service. In a sense, the DP Chart Gallery can be thought of as “DecisionPoint's Greatest Hits!”

Free users can see the DP Chart Gallery charts associated with the S&P 500. StockCharts members can also see DP Chart Gallery charts for the Dow, the S&P 100 and the Nasdaq 100.

You can access the DP Chart Gallery via a link in the “Member Tools” area of Your Dashboard and a link in the “Additional Tools & Reports” area of the Charts & Tools page.

Once you are viewing the DP Chart Gallery, you can simply scroll down to see all of the charts in the gallery or click on the section links to jump directly to the section you are interested in. Members can use a dropdown control to switch between the four different markets that are supported, those being the Dow, S&P 500, S&P 100, and Nasdaq 100.

Note: Members can click on the charts to see them in the SharpCharts Workbench with all their settings.

The DP Chart Gallery lets you quickly analyze the market using the DecisionPoint Market Analysis process. That involves looking at several different “market dimensions,” those being:

Erin Swenlin regularly reviews the DP Chart Gallery charts in the DecisionPoint Blog.

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