Extended Hours Data

We offer extended-hours trading data for many US symbols. For US markets, after-hours trading data covers the 4 hours after market close (4:00 PM–8:00 PM Eastern time), and pre-market data covers the 5.5 hours before the market opening for the day (4:00 AM–9:30 AM Eastern time).

Pre-market and after-hours price quotes are available on the Symbol Summary page during pre- and post-market trading sessions.

In addition, extended hours data can be charted on both SharpCharts and StockChartsACP charts. Check the Extended Hours checkbox in the Chart Attributes section of the SharpCharts Workbench or on the Chart Settings panel in StockChartsACP. When this box is checked, extended hours bars will be added to your intraday chart in color-coded sections (purple for after-hours, blue for pre-market) if extended hours data is available for that symbol.

Note that securities are generally more thinly traded during pre-market and after-hours sessions than during regular market hours. Extended-hours price bars will only be shown if trading activity has occurred during that bar's timeframe. Volume data and volume-based indicators are not available for any extended hours bars.

Historical pre-market and after-hours data are available, going back approximately ten trading days.

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