Research Tools

StockCharts provides a collection of research tools that help you quickly identify stock market leaders in any group, from the broader market to sectors to industry groups, and to research individual stocks within these groups. The links below provide more detailed information for each of the research tools available to StockCharts users.

Tools for Researching Specific Symbols

  • Symbol Summary Get stock quotes, technical and fundamental details, company summary, and more about a specific security in one convenient report.

  • Options Summary Options chains for an underlying symbol that displays options data such as call, put, volume, open interest, implied volatility (IV), and options greeks for different strike prices of different expiration dates.

Tools for Researching Market Segments

  • Market Summary A report showing the current values and changes in many popular market indexes and ETFs.

  • Sector Summary A tool that allows you to quickly find the strongest stocks in the strongest industries in the strongest sectors.

  • Industry Summary A companion to the Sector Summary, this tool allows you to view the performance of all industries on one page.

  • Index Members Research stocks from major US indexes or sectors and view a complete summary of key data points in one table.

  • StockCharts Technical Rank (SCTR) Reports A collection of reports showing the StockCharts Technical Rankings (SCTRs) for many of the stocks in our database.

  • Earnings Calendar View both upcoming and recently reported earnings dates for US stocks.

  • IPO Listings One of the most popular uses of our Data Adjustments page, the IPO Listings report automatically generates a list of recent IPOs.

  • Cryptocurrency Summary A subset of the Market Summary, this report shows the current values and changes in many popular cryptocurrencies.

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