SharpCharts Workbench

The SharpCharts Workbench contains all the features you need to create, view, share, modify, and save SharpCharts. There are many ways to access the SharpCharts Workbench, including:

  • Clicking on a ticker symbol anywhere on the StockCharts website.

  • Typing a ticker symbol into the Create a Chart box, then clicking Go.

  • Typing a ticker symbol into the box in the SharpCharts section of the Charts & Tools page, then clicking Go.

  • Clicking on many of the charts in our Articles and ChartSchool areas.

  • Clicking on the SharpCharts icons on our various reports and scan results pages.

Viewing SharpCharts

The SharpCharts Workbench allows you to closely study the SharpCharts you have created. Use the Inspector tool to view price values for any bar on the chart. The Auto-Refresh feature periodically updates the chart with new data.

Printing and Sharing SharpCharts

Your SharpCharts can be easily shared with others. Use Permalinks to send a chart link, download an image file of a chart, or use our print functionality to create a paper copy.

Modifying SharpCharts in the Workbench

You can customize your SharpCharts to meet your investing needs. StockCharts offers three main types of customization:

  • Editing individual chart settings.

  • Using a ChartStyle for quickly configuring a chart.

  • Adding custom annotations to the chart.

Editing SharpChart Settings

The SharpCharts Workbench allows you to customize your SharpChart settings, including the chart type, period, range, indicators and overlays, color scheme, and more.

Applying ChartStyles to SharpCharts

ChartStyles are collections of chart settings that can be used as “templates” for creating new charts or updating existing charts. A ChartStyle specifies the chart's period, date range, chart type, color scheme, overlays, indicators—everything except the chart's symbol.

ChartStyles can help streamline your chart-creation process if you repeatedly use the same chart settings.

Learn More: ChartStyles

Annotating SharpCharts

Our ChartNotes annotation tool is built right in to the SharpCharts Workbench. You can easily add annotations to your charts, including trendlines, shapes, text, and popular line studies such as Fibonacci retracement levels.

When you annotate a chart and save that chart to a ChartList, all your annotations are saved along with the chart.

Learn More: ChartNotes

Saving Charts in the SharpCharts Workbench

SharpCharts can be saved into ChartLists, online “folders” that allow you to store up to 1000 charts in a single list. ChartLists allow you to group and organize your collections of saved charts for easy access.

Learn More: ChartLists

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