Reports and Galleries

StockCharts provides a collection of reports and chart galleries intended to spark inspiration, whether that's helping users spot new investment opportunities or discover new chart configuration ideas. The links below provide more detailed information for each of the reports and galleries available to StockCharts users.

  • The Ticker Cloud A report showing the 200 most-requested ticker symbols on our website.

  • Historical Chart Gallery A collection of long-term, large-format charts, giving historical perspective on the markets.

  • Predefined Scans A report showing results for roughly 80 technical scans designed by

  • Predefined Technical Alerts A report alerting you when popular indexes, sectors, commodities, and breadth indicators cross above or below critical levels.

  • DecisionPoint Chart Gallery A collection of charts based on the DecisionPoint market analysis approach.

  • Public ChartLists These user-created chart galleries give our members a chance to share their own market commentary with the world.

  • SharpCharts Voyeur A rotating collection of our members' recently-created charts.

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