Applying Chart Templates to ACP Charts

How to create and save custom Chart Templates in StockChartsACP

Overview of StockChartsACP Chart Templates

StockChartsACP Chart Templates are collections of chart settings that can be used as “templates” for creating or updating StockChartsACP charts at a later date. A Chart Template contains all the settings for a chart: period, date range, chart type, color schemes, overlays, indicators, and more. The template includes everything except the chart's main ticker symbol.

Saving these settings in one template can speed up your chart creation process. If you find yourself configuring the same settings each time you bring up a chart—whether charting a mutual fund or looking at intraday price action—you could save those settings as a Chart Template. In the future, you can apply all those settings to a chart with a single click.

StockCharts members can save up to 50 different Chart Templates in their account, ready to be applied to any ticker symbol. In addition, members can designate a Default Chart Template which will be used whenever you create a new chart from a ticker symbol.

Predefined StockChartsACP Chart Templates

Most Chart Templates are custom templates created by you, but StockCharts also offers a variety of predefined styles for your use. These sample chart templates have been optimized for different trading strategies, chart timeframes, and trading styles. We also offer the templates of some of your favorite charting experts.

These predefined styles can be used as-is or serve as a starting point for creating your own custom templates.

Applying Chart Templates in StockChartsACP

To access predefined and custom chart templates, click the Chart Templates icon on the left in the Chart Design menu.

Your custom chart templates will be displayed at the top of the panel, and the predefined templates, grouped into categories, will be displayed below.

To apply a Chart Template to a selected chart, click the template's name in the panel.

Note: If using a multi-chart layout, click on the chart you want to style before clicking on the template name. The selected chart will have a green border around the edge.

Just so you know, when you apply a template to your chart, there is no ongoing connection between it and the chart where it has been applied. If you apply a specific template to a saved chart and later change the settings, those changes won't automatically be made to the saved chart. The style will need to be reapplied to that chart, and the chart will need to be re-saved to the ChartList.

Creating a New Chart Template in StockChartsACP

To create your StockChartsACP chart template, follow these steps:

  • Configure a StockChartsACP chart with all your desired chart settings, indicators, color schemes, etc.

  • Click the green Save Chart Template button at the bottom of the Chart Templates panel.

  • Enter a name for your new template (see image below).

  • When you are done, click the green “Save Chart Template” button. Your custom template will be listed at the top of the Chart Templates panel.

Modifying Chart Templates in StockChartsACP

Changing Chart Settings for a Chart Template

If you would like to update the chart settings of any of your chart templates, configure the chart with the new settings, and then update the template with the settings in that chart.

Once you've updated the chart, click the green Save Chart Template button at the bottom of the Chart Templates panel. In the open window, click the Update Existing button (see image below).

Renaming a Chart Template

To rename a custom chart template in StockChartsACP, hover over the template's name in the Chart Templates panel and click the pencil icon:

Give your Chart Template a new name and click the green Save button.

Setting Your Default Chart Template

To set a different style as your default chart template, find the new style in the Chart Templates panel and click on the star next to it.

Deleting Chart Templates

To delete a custom template in StockChartsACP, hover over the template's name in the Chart Templates panel, then click the trash can icon.

So that you know, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion of your click. Click the red Delete button to confirm.

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