ChartList View

The main view for ChartLists, appropriately named ChartList View, shows you full-sized versions of each chart in your ChartList. It provides a great way to quickly browse through large groups of charts in your ChartList and make minor edits to the charts and the ChartList itself. You can browse your saved charts 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 at a time or scroll through an infinite feed of all the charts in your ChartList.

Accessing the ChartList View

From Your Dashboard, select ChartList from the View As dropdown next to the ChartList you wish to view. Alternatively, you can switch to ChartList format from other ChartList formats, such as Summary, GalleryView, or CandleGlance, by selecting ChartList from the View List As dropdown.

Note: You can access the ChartList view directly from the SharpCharts Workbench by clicking the View All link above the chart.

Using the ChartList View

At the top of the page, you can use the “Select List” dropdown to choose a different ChartList to display. To view the ChartList in a different format, such as CandleGlance or Seasonality view, use the “View List As” dropdown at the top of the page. Edit List, Delete List, and New List buttons to the right allow you to edit or delete this ChartList, or create a brand new ChartList.

ChartList View Navigation

The grey bar above the first chart is primarily used for navigating through the ChartList. This grey bar remains on the screen as you scroll down through your saved charts, and is also duplicated at the bottom of the list. You can click the “X” in the top right corner of the grey bar to close it and maximize space for charts in your browser window. When you scroll to the top again, the bar will reappear.

The “Charts Per Page” dropdown menu allows you to choose the number of charts that will be displayed on each page of the view (10 is selected by default). Choose “Continuous” from this list to scroll through all the charts in your list on a single page.

If you choose one of the options with multiple pages, this bar will also show a “Jump to Page” dropdown menu where you can choose which page of charts you'd like to see. This menu also shows the symbol of the first and last chart on that page, to help find the page you're looking for. The “Prev” and “Next” links allow you to quickly cycle through the pages of charts.

This bar also includes a “Jump to Chart” dropdown menu, which allows you to quickly move to a specific chart in the list.

Chart Sizing Options

The rightmost item on the grey bar is the “Auto-Size Charts” checkbox. When this box is checked, the charts will automatically shrink so that the entire chart fits in your browser window. This is great for viewing charts on mobile devices.

When the box is unchecked, the charts will remain full size regardless of the size of your browser window, meaning you may need to scroll from side to side to see the whole chart.

Note: To annotate your charts from within the ChartList view, the “Auto-Size Charts” checkbox must be unchecked.

The Actions Menu

For additional functionality, click the “Actions” button to the right of a chart's title. From this menu, you can:

  • Edit Chart Settings. This loads the chart in the SharpCharts Workbench. Clicking directly on the chart will also take you to the SharpCharts Workbench.

  • Annotate. This loads ChartNotes so you can annotate your chart. Remember, the “Auto-Size Charts” checkbox must be unchecked in order to annotate.

  • Delete. This deletes the chart from your ChartList.

  • Additional Charts. The links in this section allow you to display the chart as a SharpChart, P&F Chart, GalleryView Chart, Seasonality Chart, or PerfChart.

  • More Resources. These links show a symbol summary, historical data, recent data adjustments, and a selection of articles that mention the chart's main ticker symbol.

You can also delete a chart from the ChartList by hovering the mouse cursor over the upper right corner of the chart. You'll see a trash can icon. Click it to delete the chart from your ChartList.

Note: Clicking the trash can will delete the chart immediately; it will not ask you to confirm that you want to delete it. Use this feature with caution.

Editing the ChartList

While Edit View provides the most comprehensive set of editing tools for your ChartList, some editing can be done directly from the ChartList view:

  • Click on the chart's title directly above the chart. Once you've made your changes, click the Save button.

  • Add or edit comments by clicking in the box directly below the chart. Once you've made your changes, click the Save button.

  • Similarly, you can add or edit notes for the entire ChartList by clicking the ChartList Notes box at the bottom of the screen. Once you've made your changes, click the Save button.

For more editing functionality, use the Edit List button at the top of the screen to load the ChartList in Edit view.

The Delete List and New List buttons can be used to delete the current ChartList and create a new ChartList, respectively.

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