ChartList Reports

The ChartList Reports feature allows StockCharts members to turn on daily or weekly ChartList Reports for any of their saved ChartLists. After the market closes, you'll receive an email with a performance summary of all the stocks/funds/indexes on that list.

The daily ChartList Report includes a performance summary for the most recent trading session, while the weekly report includes a performance summary for the most recent trading week. Below is an example of a daily ChartList Report for a ChartList called "Paper Industry Companies."

These reports are a great way to monitor your portfolio(s), track your own unique set of market indexes, follow specific groups like the Dow Industries, and more.

Signing Up for ChartList Reports

To turn on daily and/or weekly ChartList Reports for any of your lists, open the ChartList in Summary View and find the two checkboxes above the table.

Check the box next to the report you'd like to receive (you can check both). You can choose to receive it after the US, Canada, UK, or India close each day/week.

Reports for different ChartLists can be sent at various times, so if you have one ChartList focused on Canadian equities and another focused on the UK, the reports can be delivered at the appropriate hour. However, reports for the same ChartList must be sent at the same time; in other words, you can’t get your daily report at the India close and your weekly report for the same ChartList at the US close.

You're all set once you've checked the box and chosen your send time. After the next market close, you'll start seeing ChartList Report emails in your inbox.

To stop receiving a ChartList Report, view the list in Summary View and uncheck the appropriate checkbox above the summary table.

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