Symbol Summary

The Symbol Summary page is designed to provide a wide range of information about a specific security in one convenient location. The page includes stock quotes, important fundamental and technical data, a mini-chart, a company summary, and a listing of predefined scans, price alerts, and saved charts featuring the security. It's a great way to get a quick look at a symbol, and then zero in on the information that matters most to you.

Accessing the Symbol Summary

The easiest way to access the Symbol Summary is from the Create-a-Chart bar at the top of each page. Change the dropdown menu to Symbol Summary, enter the ticker symbol you want to view and click Go or hit return.

You can also access the Symbol Summary from the Member Tools area of Your Dashboard or the Summary Pages section of the Charts & Tools page.

Symbol Summary in StockChartsACP

A slimmed-down version of Symbol Summary is available in StockChartsACP. Click the Symbol Summary icon in the Symbol Selection menu (on the right) to launch the Symbol Summary for the selected chart.

Symbol Summary Components

The Symbol Summary page has several different panels, each containing different types of information about the security.

Header Area

At the top of the Symbol Summary is the security's name, exchange, and sector and industry information, where applicable. The latest price quote, price change, volume, and market cap information are displayed. To the right are Member Actions buttons. If you're logged in to your account, these buttons allow you to add the ticker symbol to one of your ChartLists or create a price alert for the symbol.

Below the price quotes are links that provide quick access to other parts of the Symbol Summary page.

Earnings Information

A notification will be shown in this area if a company reports earnings. In the example below, DIS reports earnings the next day, so a light blue earnings notification banner is shown above the price. The banner is light orange on the day earnings are reported and light green on the day after earnings are reported.

Extended Hours Price Quotes

During the pre- and post-market trading sessions, after-hours price data will also be shown in this section of the Symbol Summary.

Chart Area

A half-size chart of the security is displayed in this area of the Symbol Summary. Buttons above the chart allow you to change the chart's period. If you're logged in to your StockCharts account, you can see any period from two-day intraday charts to a five-year weekly chart within the Symbol Summary.

Buttons below the chart allow you to launch a full-size SharpChart, P&F Chart, GalleryView chart, PerfChart, or Seasonality chart or view historical data in tabular form. The Advanced Chart button above the chart will load a chart for the ticker symbol in StockChartsACP.

Summary Area

The Summary panel in the Symbol Summary gives quick access to commonly requested stats such as the open, previous close, high-low range for the day or the previous 52 weeks, the all-time high, and the 50-day average of volume. Fundamental data is also available in this panel: earnings per share (EPS), next scheduled earnings date, last earnings date, forward annual dividend (yield), trailing annual dividend (yield), and whether or not the security trades options.

Fundamentals Area

The Fundamentals panel shows more extensive fundamental data where applicable—P/E ratio, PEG ratio, price-to-book (P/B) ratio, price-to-cash flow (P/CF) ratio, total sales, revenue per share, dividend info, % held by institutions, and more.

Technicals Area

The Technicals panel shows popular technical values for the security where applicable, including percent above or below certain moving averages, performance over selected timeframes, and values for commonly-used technical indicators such as Relative Strength Index (RSI), Average True Range (ATR), Average Directional Index (ADX), and Beta.

Earnings Area

The Earnings panel displays earnings and revenue history for the selected symbol (if applicable). You can see the quarterly earnings displayed in Chart View or Table View. You'll find EPs, est. EPS, Revenue, est. Revenue and other earnings data are here. You can view Quarterly or Annual earnings using the dropdown menu on the left.

SCTR Rank Area

For securities with a StockCharts Technical Rank (SCTR) value, this panel shows the current SCTR ranking and a three-month chart of SCTR values for the ticker symbol. The SCTR Reports button at the top gives you quick access to our full range of SCTR Reports.


For many US and Canadian companies, the Profile panel will show the company address, URL, sector and industry, along with a short description of the company. For most ETFs, the panel briefly describes the fund and a URL with more fund information. If no profile information is available for a security, the Profile panel will not be displayed.

Predefined Scans, Alerts, and ChartLists

The Predefined Scans panel shows any predefined scans that have recently been triggered for the ticker symbol. Clicking the View All button at the top of the panel will take you to the complete Predefined Scans results.

If you're logged in to your StockCharts account, the Alerts panel will display any price alerts you have set up for the ticker symbol and the most recent time the alert was triggered.

Click on the alert to open it in the Alert Workbench. You can quickly create a new price alert for this ticker symbol by clicking the New button at the top of the panel. The View All button allows you to see all of your alerts at a glance.

If you're logged in to your StockCharts account, this panel will display the ChartLists where you've saved the specific ticker symbol. Click the Saved Chart Name to launch the chart or the ChartList name to see the entire ChartList. To quickly add the ticker symbol to one of your existing ChartLists, click the Add to ChartList button at the top of the Symbol Summary.

Viewing ChartLists in Symbol Summary Format

StockCharts members can also use the Symbol Summary to view the symbols in their ChartLists. From Your Dashboard, select Symbol Summary from the View As dropdown next to the ChartList you wish to view. Alternatively, you can switch to Symbol Summary format from other ChartList formats, such as Summary, Gallery View, or CandleGlance. Select Symbol Summary from the View List As dropdown.

The Symbol Summary View will display detailed information about each symbol in your ChartList, one at a time. Above the chart, you can use the Select List dropdown to choose a different ChartList to view. Use the Select Chart dropdown to display a specific symbol in the ChartList. The arrow buttons on either side of this dropdown menu allow you to cycle through the ChartList's contents quickly.

You can add or edit notes for the entire ChartList by clicking the ChartList Notes box at the bottom of the screen. Click the Save button once you've made your changes. For more editing functionality, use the Edit List button at the top of the screen to load the ChartList in Edit View.

The Delete List and New List buttons can delete the current ChartList and create a new ChartList, respectively.

Additional Resources

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The following StockCharts In Focus video, “Strengthen Your Stock Research with Symbol Summary”, takes a deep-dive into using the Symbol Summary on StockCharts when researching stocks and other securities.

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