Historical Data

The availability of historical data on our site varies based on the specific symbol, the data bar period, your membership level, and how you want to use the data.

By Data Bar Period

Our database has:

  • 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, 15-, 39-, 65-, 78-, 130-, and 195-minute bars going back 20 days.

  • 10- and 30-minute bars going back 40 days.

  • 60-minute bars going back to 2004.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly bars going back to 1990 for most stocks, indexes and mutual funds (assuming they have been around that long).

  • Daily, weekly and monthly bars going back as far as 1900 for some indexes.

By Service Level

Your membership service level will determine how much historical data you can use in your charts and whether you can see historical data in tabular format.

  • Non-members can only create charts of 5 years or less in length. They cannot see data in tabular format.

  • Basic and Extra members can create charts that use data from as far back as 1980. They can also see data in tabular form going back to 1990.

  • PRO members can use all of our historical data in their charts with some data going back to the 1940s or earlier. PRO members can see data in tabular form going back to 1970.

By Ticker Symbol

To see exactly how far back we have data for a particular symbol, click the Symbol Catalog link at the bottom of any of our pages and search for the ticker symbol you are interested in. The starting date for its data is listed on the right side of the search results.

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