Sector Summary

The Sector Summary page can be used for top-down market analysis—find the best-performing sector, the best-performing industry in the best-performing sector, and the best-performing stocks in the best-performing industry.

Accessing the Sector Summary

You can access the Sector Summary from either the Member Tools area of Your Dashboard, or the Summary Pages section of the Charts & Tools page.

Using the Sector Summary

Sector View

The Sector Summary page displays the 11 S&P Sector ETFs, ranked by performance over the selected period. The columns display the symbol, name, last price, change in price, volume, market cap, SCTR score, and the symbol's universe.

The following periods are supported:

  • Intraday (members only)

  • End-of-Day

  • One week

  • One month

  • Three months

  • Six months

  • One year

Note: John Murphy recommends starting with three months and adjusting up or down based on your trading style.

The menu on the left column of each row allows you to view the S&P Sector ETF as a SharpChart, ACP Chart, Gallery View, Point & Figure, Seasonality, or Options format.

The icons in the right column allow you to view the sector members in a MarketCarpet, PerfChart, or RRG chart. Note that some icons may not be available for sectors or industries with too many companies.

Industry View

You can click on the name of any sector in the Sector View to see all the Dow Jones Industry indexes associated with that sector. The industries are also ranked by performance over the selected period. The example below shows the industries in the Health Care sector.

Note: At the bottom of each Sector Summary page are links to the Complete Industry Summary page, Sector PerfChart, Sector CandleGlance, and Sector RRG.

Stock View

Lastly, you can click on the name of any industry to see the stocks that make up that industry index. The stocks are also ranked by performance over the selected period.

Note: By default, less than $1 stocks will not be shown on the list. To show these stocks, uncheck the box next to “Hide stocks under $1” at the top of the list.

Additional List Functionality

The Sector Summary views have the same functionality as most lists in

  • Click the Columns button at the top to show or hide columns in the list.

  • To sort by a different column, click the double-arrow icon next to the column header.

  • To sort by multiple columns (e.g., sort by column A and then, within each value for A, sort by column B), click the first column, then hold down the shift key while selecting the second column.

  • You can also search the items in the list by typing in the Search Table box at the top right.

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