Sharing a SharpChart on Social Media

How to Share a SharpChart on Social Media

Posting charts on social media is a great way to show others what you have created and what you see happening in the market. Below are the steps to post charts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Access the Share Window

To post a chart to social media, click the Share link below the chart to launch the Share This Chart window.

Note: You can also share P&F charts; just look for the Share link below your chart on the P&F Workbench, then follow the instructions below.

When you click Share, the Share This Chart window will be displayed. Click the social media platform where you want to share your chart.


You'll have to log in to your Facebook account to share a chart on Facebook.

Once you're logged in, you will see a window similar to the one below. Like any other Facebook post, you can write about the chart in the “Say something about this” area. When ready, click the “Post to Facebook” button to share your chart.

Sharing charts on Facebook is straightforward.

X (formerly Twitter)

To share on X, log in to your account and post your chart in one step.

Sharing your charts in X using StockCharts.
The chart link is in the post. All you have to do is add comments.


To share your chart on LinkedIn, the first step is to log in to your account

Your post already includes the chart link. As with other LinkedIn posts, you can add comments and change the sharing settings. When ready, click the Share button to post your chart.

Screenshot showing how to share charts in LinkedIn.
Sharing your charts on LinkedIn is straightforward.

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