Printing a SharpChart

How to Print a SharpChart

Do you want to print out a SharpChart without all the extra buttons, banners, and icons you see on the workbench itself? We've made it easy to do just that.

The chart will come up in a smaller window.

Step 2: Select your printing option.

The dropdown menu lets you specify the chart's size. Check the Monochrome box to print the chart in black and white. Remember to click the Update button if you make any changes to the settings.

Step 3: Click the Print button to print the chart.

Note: If these steps don't work, right-click the chart and select Save Image As… to save the chart. Then, you can open and print out the downloaded image using an image viewing program.

If you're using the New SharpCharts Workbench, click the Share Chart at the bottom right of the chart and select Print Chart option. Then select your printer settings before printing the chart.

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