How do I pin down my annotations?

Have you noticed that your annotations can move? Generally, you would want your annotations to scroll to the left, in line with the price bars. As the price bars move, you want your trendlines, arrows, and other annotations to move with them. However, there are certain kinds of annotations that you might not want to move, such as comments that describe the chart as a whole rather than a feature of the current chart.

The good news is that ChartNotes offers a feature called “pinning,” which allows you to prevent any of your saved annotations from scrolling to the left, over time.

How to Pin

Before you pin the annotation, you must add it to your chart. Once you've added it, you will see an icon that looks like a pushpin appear in the horizontal menu at the top of the chart.

Click the pin icon to pin down the annotation. The icon will turn light blue to indicate that it has been selected. That's all there is to it!

Note: If you have already created an annotation you now wish to pin, click the “selection tool” and then click the annotation in question. Yellow boxes will appear around the annotation. You can now click the Pin icon to pin it down.

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