How do I delete a saved chart from one of my ChartLists?

Ever come across a chart you no longer need to have saved? You want to delete it but may not know how.

Below are simple steps you can take to delete charts from your ChartLists. This tutorial will cover how to delete charts using the CandleGlance, ChartBook, and “Edit” views.

CandleGlance View

To delete a chart from CandleGlance, locate the chart you want to delete, then move your mouse over the upper right-hand corner until the trash can icon appears and turns red.

Once the trash can icon turns red, you can click the icon to delete your chart immediately.

WARNING! You will not be asked for confirmation before your chart is deleted.

ChartBook View

If you are using the “ChartBook” view, you can remove the chart by choosing “Delete” from the “Actions” dropdown menu located to the right of the chart. When clicking that link, a pop-up box will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion before removing the chart.

Edit View

Edit view allows you to delete multiple charts at once.

First, check the box next to the chart name for each chart you want to delete. (TIP: You can click the “Select All Charts” button above the table to select all of the charts in the ChartList.) Then, click the red “Delete” button (the one with a trash can icon) above the table. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm the deletions before the charts are removed.

To delete a single chart from your list, you can click the trash can icon in the Actions column of the table for that chart. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm your deletion.

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