Creating ChartLists

A smart investor keeps an eye on the market. And to do that, there’s no better way than to scroll through charts to get an idea of what’s happening with the overall stock market, sectors, subsectors, and individual securities. Fortunately, StockCharts members can set up personal ChartLists or online folders with several charts.

You may want to create one ChartList that gives you a big-picture view of the overall market, another with stocks in your portfolio, and another of stocks you want to buy. The list could include sectors, economic indicators, and so on. There's no limit to creating ChartLists.

Note: StockCharts Basic members can have one ChartList, Extra members can have up to 250 ChartLists, and Pro members can have up to 500 ChartLists.

ChartList Summary

The benefit of creating ChartLists is that they help organize your chart collections in a way that works for you. If you read about a stock and analyze a chart of that stock, just save it in a ChartList. This way, you can bring it up whenever you want to revisit the chart.

In the New SharpCharts Workbench, you can access your ChartLists directly from the charting platform. On the left menu under Saved Charts, click ChartList Summary, select your ChartList from the Select ChartList dropdown menu, and then select how you wish to view your ChartList from the View List As dropdown menu. The list of stocks in your selected ChartList will be displayed in a tabular format, which you can sort alphabetically.

Screenshot showing how you can view your ChartLists in
StockCharts ChartList Summary

As you scroll through your charts, you may observe notable price action. To note your observations, click Chart Comments, type in your comments, and save them. So, next time you bring up the chart, you'll see your comments.

Screenshot showing how you can add comments to your charts in
Add comments to your charts with the Chart Comments setting.

ChartList Library

Select a ChartList from the Select Library dropdown and view it as a Grid or List. You can go through each one of them relatively quickly. If you’re viewing your ChartList as a list, a preview chart will be displayed on the right as you scroll down the list and click on the security’s name. Note the Load Symbol Only button and the symbol search box.

In, viewing your ChartLists as a List view allows you to easily scroll through all the charts
StockCharts ChartList Library

If you hover your mouse over the security’s name, you'll see icons for loading the chart, editing the chart name, and deleting the chart.

The many ways to view your ChartList library in
Viewing your ChartList library in SharpCharts

If the Load Symbol Only button is checked and you load the preview chart, only the symbol in the chart displayed above will change.

Another way to load a chart is to click the green Load Chart button below the chart in the ChartList Library in List view.

If you’re looking for a specific chart in your ChartList, type the ticker symbol in the Symbol Search window, and the security will display in the left panel. Click on the security name and load, edit, or delete the chart.

So you've spent your precious time creating awesome ChartLists. How will you track all the stocks, ETFs, or indexes you've added to those ChartLists? Lucky for you, in StockCharts, you can create Alerts, which, when triggered, will send you a notification.

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